New year resolutions – Lockdown aches & pains

Are the activities you are doing to improve your fitness having other impacts on your body?

Its January and the month for the usual new year resolutions where a large number of people commit to improving their health & fitness by taking up regular exercise but with Fitness centres and Gyms currently closed during Lockdown many individuals have instead taken up road running where the sudden impact of the exercise can lead to foot, shin, knee and back or hip pain.

Kieran Carew Director of Foothealth UK in Banbury explains how 2 of the pains mentioned above can be exacerbated by running and indeed other impacts or general biomechanical imbalance in posture.

Heel Pain

There can be many causes of Heel pain but one, Plantar Fasciopathy (Fasciitis) is often characterised by pain under the heel often most noticeable after resting. People who are suffering with Plantar Fasciopathy usually experience pain first thing in the morning when getting up or after sitting for long periods of time. The pain can often feel like a sharp/piercing pain – frequently described by sufferers “as if stepping on a shard of glass”.

So, what is causing the pain? Under the base of your foot is a thick band of connective tissue called the Plantar Fascia. It starts at the bottom surface of your foot at the heel, extends towards the toes and its main purpose is to support the arch and stabilise your foot. If micro trauma/tears or inflammation occurs, it is referred to as Plantar Fasciopathy (Fasciitis).

One of the causes of this inflammation can be the impact of exercise especially when the body is not conditioned to hard road surfaces. These new and increased forces driving through the foot and body can cause the muscles to become fatigued and over stretched, leading to the possibility of developing the inflammation/micro trauma.

Shin Pain

Another common ache that can often be associated with exercising, particularly running can be Shin Pain. Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome often referred to as “Shin Splints” is normally characterised with pain and tenderness along the front of your lower leg.

The Tibialis Anterior muscle which extends from the knee and along the front of the shin becomes inflamed due to over exertion, pronation (flat feet), poor biomechanics and muscle imbalance.

Activities such as running or walking briskly can exacerbate this condition, especially if there is a sudden increase in impact, hard surface and a poor warm up routine.

Naturally, there can be many causes of Heel pain and Shin pain. If experiencing pain, you should consult with your healthcare practitioner for an assessment. It is ideal for anyone taking up activities such as running, especially road running due to the hard impact forces on the body should ideally attend a Podiatrist or Physiotherapist clinic specialising in MSK Biomechanical assessments to ensure you have the best injury free start to your New year fitness journey.

Foothealth UK work alongside MSK Podiatrist Luke Plantar at their clinic facility in Banbury. They also work with a multitude of practitioners across the UK.

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